10 Fun Games To Play With Your Dog This Summer

10 Fun Games To Play With Your Dog This Summer

10 Fun Games To Play With Your Dog This Summer

Summer is almost here dear hoomans! It's time to talk about games to play with your best friend! By teaching your dog new tricks or playing new games with them, you'll strengthen your bond and keep them entertained. Just like training your pet, playing with your dog strengthens your bond and helps him focus on you.

When you do something with your dog, you develop a relationship and build a strong bond between you and your dog. What's not to love about those perks?!?

1. Hide & Seek- Begin by having your dog stay and sit while you hide. Before our dog knew stay and sit we would have another family member hold them. Once you're hidden, call their name. When they find you give them a small treat! This was a fun family activity in our house.

2. Find the Treat- Have your dog stay and sit. Hide treats nearby and then tell your four legged friend to, "find the treats." When they find a treat make sure to clap or give some sign of excitement!

3. Tug of War- If you have two dogs and they get along this is a fun game but it should be supervised. If you only have one dog, well, get your tug of war pants on! It's nice to let your furry friend win sometimes. You can also try an Outdoor Hanging Bungee Exercise Rope!

4. Obstacle Course- Create an indoor or outdoor course for your best friend. You can use everyday items for them to crawl or jump over.

5. Water Time- Does your furry friend love the water? You're a lucky duck! There are so many options. Taking them to a lake, turning on a sprinkler, purchasing a baby pool, water tag with a water gun, paddle boarding, play catch with a frisbee in the get the idea. Always be safe and use a doggie life vest if needed.

6. Dig in the Box- Humans can't stand it when dogs dig but boy do they love it! Buy him a digging box and fill it with sand! You could probably use a kiddie pool. We want pics!

7. Round Robin- This game is for four or more people with their dogs as well. Gather outside, preferably a field, get in a circle. Call out a certain dog's name. When they come to you give them a small treat. This is a good social game for humans and dogs!

8. Soccer- This is good exercise for humans and dogs! Just get out in the yard and start kicking the ball around and watch your dog join! Check out this fun ball! 

9. Chuck it- Play a good ol' fashioned game of chuck the ball! 

10. Bubbles- Who doesn't love chasing bubbles? Get a bottle of bubbles or make your own and watch your dog's eyes light up!

Hint: Let your dog win from time to time, otherwise he will become irritated and anxious. If your dog exhibits a negative attitude towards food or becomes possessive, we recommend that you first consult with a specialist about what games can help him, so do not encourage this behavior. First, stop playing this game with your dog, start working on training it, and if you have a playful dog and want to keep playing fun games with it, spend some time on alternative games. 

While increased activity for your pal can be good for their health and wellness, it can also create the potential for increased injury risk. Keep in mind, some pets have age, mobility, ability, and more restrictions, so choose wisely!

As always we would love to share you and your dog's pictures or stories on our social media!

Woofs & Wags!


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