How to Choose the Right Carrier/Backpack for Your Pet

How to Choose the Right Carrier/Backpack for Your Pet

How to Choose the Right Carrier/Backpack for Your Pet

Most of us have seen this at least once: A man walking through a shop or a park, his dog's head poking out from the over-the-shoulder contraption he is carrying.

A picture of pure cuteness!

Backpacks for pets are commonplace these days, with great varieties in styles. But how do you carry your dog in your bag? The answer is that it depends on the dogs' size, backpack style, and the kind of activity you will be doing.

You have to know what things to avoid and what best practices are for keeping you and your pets happy.

To begin with, ensure that your dog is going to be as comfortable as possible.

Being carried off the ground, with limited movement options (especially running), is a significant adjustment for dogs. 

Can you carry your dog while walking with a backpack?

YES, but do not use the typical backpack designed for school or camping for carrying your dogThey are not intended for carrying animals, and therefore, they are dangerous to your pets.

Here are a few simple tips for becoming more comfortable carrying your canine companion in your backpack across just about any setting.

1. Consider whether or not you need to carry your dog with a pack.

This decision should be based on how heavy and well-behaved the animal is.

2. How much weight can you carry? 
Carrying a substantial amount of weight on your feet is bad for your back and joints, and remember, this pack is likely to shift and swing, making this more challenging. You can carry most dogs that are small to mid-sized in a backpack.

3. Which way will the dog face in the backpack/carrier?

Front-facing Carriers:

Many owners prefer a front-facing carrier for their pets, as this keeps your face closer to them, maintaining intimacy and making communication easier.

Utility Carriers:

Many dog owners prefer the utility bag-style pet carrier, which can be put on a shoulder, with the dog sitting low on the body as if hung from a sling from your hip.

Back-facing Carriers:

If you would rather have your dog on your back, you have to decide if they will face forward along with you or face directly backward. If they are going to face backward, consider what could always be behind them.

Remember, they will be able to see things you cannot, so you will lose some control and they may put their heads onto your back to get some relief.

With your choice of carrier, then begin thinking about how you will train your pet to enter the backpack/carrier.

You can train your dog to enter a sack and remain calm in the same way you would get your pet used to riding in a car or in other situations where it may feel uncomfortable being confined.

1. Start by placing an open backpack on the ground, offering rewards when your pooch sniffs or otherwise investigates it.

Be ready to provide rewards or treats as you try to get your dog to enter the backpack for the first time.

2. Once secured in, pick up and carry the enclosed dog around a little bit, walking at waist height, to acclimate them to the bumpiness; they should get used to this somewhat before you strap the pack onto their shoulders.

3. Once the pack is fully overhead, walk your dog around your home or backyard again to get used to the bumpiness.

4. Take the backpack off of your back and put it down on the ground, with the dog still inside of carrier.

5. Gauge how they react to this experience.

Eventually, you will know whether it is going to be successful or not (as mentioned earlier, only some dogs are fans of carrying backpacks). You can reduce your reward/treat usage as training progresses.

Today, a large variety of dog carriers are available. Having adventures with your dog, hiking, traveling, and heading to the coffee shop are made easier with pet carriers. 

It is no hardship to transport your dog with the help of an unassisted dog carrier backpack, which may work wonders for elderly or injured dogs. 

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