Handmade Penis Squeaker Toy Sploof


This handmade penis toy is da'bomb! If you have an awesome sense of humor and can be slightly inappropriate- order yours today! Looking for a gift for that person or pooch that has everything?? I bet they don't have one of these! 

Did your friend get dumped by their boyfriend?!? Send this as a gift and make them laugh!

This sploof is perfect for every stoner. With the small shaft packed with sheets of carbon filter to completely eliminate the smell of your smoke, this penis sploof gives a pleasurable smoking experience. Simply take a hit with your apparatus of choice, and exhale the smoke through the tip of the penis. No smoke or smell will come through. Why use a toilet paper roll when you could use this? If it starts to smell over time, simply blast it with a blow-dryer to make it like new again!

Customize your sploof with different colors and sizes. Make sure to contact me for a custom job today!

Handmade in Lake Elsinore, CA.

Approximately 5 inches tall.

Materials: carbon filter, cotton yarn, acrylic yarn.

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