Not Your Nanas Yarn Boob Toy Sploof


This handmade boob toy is absolutely unique! If you have an awesome sense of humor and want to support the tata's order yours today! Looking for a gift for that person or pooch that has everything?? I bet they don't have one of these! 

Get high in style! Exhale through the nipple of the boob to eradicate all smoke smell! This boob sploof is perfect for every stoner. It is tightly stuffed with sheets of carbon filter to completely eliminate the smell of your smoke. Simply take a hit with your apparatus of choice, and exhale the smoke through the nipple. No smoke or smell will come through. Why use a toilet paper roll when you could use this? If it starts to smell over time, simply blast it with a blow-dryer to make it like new again!

Handmade by Not Your Nanas Yarn in California. 

Approximately 3 inches round.

Materials: carbon filter, cotton yarn, acrylic yarn.

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