Lady Butterfly Dog Costume: Reigning in Elegance and Charm!

$27.99 USD

Introducing the "Lady Butterfly" Dog Costume, where your precious pup can transform into the royalty of the canine kingdom. This enchanting costume exudes grace, style, and a dash of whimsical charm, making it a must-have for any costume occasion.

👑 Royalty in the Making: Your fur baby deserves nothing but the best, and this little princess costume delivers exactly that. Crafted with meticulous attention to detail, it's designed to make your pup feel like the queen of the pet parade.

🌸 Cute and Colorful: Adorned with vibrant colors, the Lady Butterfly Costume is a visual delight. Its 100% cotton body ensures comfort while the glittered pink mesh trim adds a touch of glamour and uniqueness.

💖 Cap Sleeves with Double Layers: The cap sleeves feature double layers of fabric, adding a touch of elegance to your dog's attire. She'll look as if she's ready for a royal ball.

🦋 Full Butterfly Detail: The full butterfly design on the back is printed on both sides, ensuring that your pup looks captivating from every angle. It's a costume fit for a majestic fluttering monarch!

👑 Pompom Antennas: The headpiece, complete with drawstring, features two delightful pompom antennas that add a whimsical touch to your dog's regal ensemble.

🐾 Leash Connection: Worried about practicality? Fret not! The buttonhole in the back allows for a leash connection, ensuring your pup remains regally poised even while strolling through the royal gardens.

🧼 Easy to Clean and Comfortable to Wear: Hand washable for your convenience, this costume is as comfortable as it is elegant. Snaps in the front keep it securely fastened, so your pup can move with grace and ease.

🌟 A Delight for All Occasions: Whether it's a costume party, a special event, or simply a day when your pup wants to shine, the Lady Butterfly Dog Costume is the perfect choice. It's a surefire way to spread joy and smiles wherever you go.

Treat your beloved pet to an outfit that's fit for royalty. With the Lady Butterfly Dog Costume, your furry friend will steal hearts and capture the spotlight. Make every moment special and celebrate your pet's regal charm in style!

Elevate your pet's style game and order this exquisite costume today. Reign in elegance and charm with the Lady Butterfly Costume - because your pup deserves nothing but the finest! 👑🦋🐕