Lil' B the Blunt Catnip Toy - Hilarious Feline Fun for 4:20 Playtime

$10.00 USD
by PAW:20

Introducing Lil' B the Blunt Catnip Toy, the purrfect blend of whimsy and play for your feline friend! Standing at a compact 5.5 inches tall, Lil' B is not your average cat toy. Crafted with care, Lil' B boasts a unique design, resembling a cigar blunt, and comes with a built-in catnip pouch for added entertainment.

🌿 Catnip Infused Bliss: Lil' B is not just a toy; it's a blissful experience for your cat. The plush body is made of thick canvas with soft fleece at the top and bottom, offering a satisfying texture that cats love. The built-in catnip pouch ensures that playtime is both exciting and enriching for your furry companion.

📸 Social Media Sensation: Watch your cat become a social media star as they enjoy Lil' B the Blunt! The hilarious design and playful antics are perfect for capturing Instagram-worthy photos and videos. Share the laughter with friends and fellow cat enthusiasts, and let Lil' B steal the spotlight!

🕓 4:20 Playtime: Lil' B is not just a toy; it's an invitation for your pet to join in the 4:20 fun! Whether it's a light play or an amusing photo session, Lil' B adds a touch of humor to your cat's day and makes them the coolest feline on the block.

Treat your cat to a uniquely entertaining experience with Lil' B the Blunt Catnip Toy. Order now and let the good times roll for your furry friend!