Lil' MJ the Weed Leaf Catnip Toy - Purr-fectly Playful and Adorable

$9.99 USD
by PAW:20

Unleash the whimsical world of play with Lil' MJ the Weed Leaf Catnip Toy! Measuring approximately 4.5" across and standing 6" tall from his top leaf to his stylish shoes, Lil' MJ is not just a cat toy – he's a quirky and charming companion for your feline friend.

🌿 Catnip Infused Joy: Lil' MJ brings a touch of bliss to your cat's playtime with a built-in catnip pouch. The plush design and catnip-infused goodness make Lil' MJ an instant hit, ensuring that your cat will be captivated for hours.

🌈 Cute and Catchy: With a charming design that combines cuteness and humor, Lil' MJ is bound to steal the hearts of both cats and their human companions. The eye-catching colors and adorable features make Lil' MJ the ideal playmate for your beloved pet.

🎉 Playful Dimensions: Lil' MJ's compact size, measuring 4.5" across, makes him easy to bat around, chase, and snuggle. The 6" height from his top leaf to his shoes adds an extra element of fun to playtime, making Lil' MJ the go-to toy for your cat's entertainment.

📸 Instagram-Worthy Moments: Create a social media sensation by capturing your cat's playful moments with Lil' MJ. Share the cuteness on Instagram and let Lil' MJ become an internet sensation, making your furry friend the star of the show!

Treat your cat to the adorable and playful charm of Lil' MJ the Weed Leaf Catnip Toy. Order now and let the delightful adventures begin for your feline companion.