C'est La Vie Leash - Parisian Elegance in Vegan Leather

$60.00 USD
Type: Dog Leash

Embrace the allure of Parisian charm during your daily walks with our C'est La Vie Leash. This exquisite leash features the Fund Parisian Print on vegan leather, making it both a statement of style and a symbol of your pet's sophisticated taste.

Key Features:

🗼 Parisian Flair: The Fund Parisian Print adds a touch of romance and elegance to your pet's ensemble, making them the talk of the town during walks.

🌱 Vegan Leather: Crafted from cruelty-free vegan leather, this leash combines style with your commitment to ethical choices.

🧵 Perfect Width and Length: The 5/8" width and 48" length provide a balance of durability and convenience for comfortable and controlled walks.

👑 Signature Hardware: Adorned with Duke and Dutchess signature hardware, including the distinctive DD Ring, this leash is a mark of regal elegance.

Enhance your pet's daily walks with the sophistication of Paris using our C'est La Vie Leash. It's more than just a leash; it's a fashion statement that ensures your pet walks in style. Order this elegant leash now and let your pet step out with an air of romance and elegance!