Pawsitive Wellness: Metolius River Drops for Cats and Dogs

$47.95 USD
Type: Health

Introducing the brand-new Metolius River Drops, a specially formulated product designed to provide unparalleled benefits to your beloved pets. Created based on the valuable feedback and requests from our loyal customers and club members, these drops offer a premium and enhanced CBD wellness solution for your furry family members, such as dogs and cats.

Crafted with utmost care and using only three organic ingredients - Wild Alaskan Fish Oil, MCT Oil, and Full Spectrum CBD Hemp Extract, our Metolius River Drops are a reliable addition to your pets' daily wellness routine.

These drops have been specifically developed to support the overall well-being of dogs and cats, promoting a sense of relaxation and calmness. Our customers have expressed their admiration for how River Drops effectively assist their pets in managing pain, reducing swelling, and alleviating stress. The proven effectiveness of CBD tinctures in delivering the benefits of CBD to animals makes these drops a convenient and powerful solution for your four-legged friends.

With a suggested serving size based on your pet's weight and a non-psychoactive formula, our River Drops ensure that your furry companions can experience the full range of CBD wellness benefits without any unwanted side effects.

At Metolius, we take pride in being a vertically-integrated company. We work closely with our dedicated family farmers, overseeing every step of the process from planting and growing organic hemp flower to harvesting, curing, and crafting our consumable products. Our four-acre regenerative farm, located just outside of Bend in Central Oregon, serves as the foundation for our commitment to quality. From seed to satisfaction, we guarantee excellence in every bottle.

Each bottle of Metolius River Drops contains 600mg of organic hemp-derived CBD extract (CBD Distillate), providing approximately 20mg per serving. To enhance the benefits, we have enriched the drops with organic MCT oil and Wild Alaskan Fish oil. The number of servings per bottle may vary depending on the weight of your animal, offering up to 30 servings in total.

Choose Metolius River Drops for your pet's well-being and witness the remarkable impact it can have on their health and happiness.