The Bo da Bong 420 Dog Toy

$19.99 USD
by PAW:20
Type: Dog Toys

Introducing Bo, the 420 Dog Toy Bong – a hilarious and quirky addition to playtime that's sure to bring joy to your furry friend! Standing at 9 inches tall, Bo is not just a toy; he's a colorful Rasta bong ready to elevate your pup's play experience.

Bo features a built-in squeaker, making playtime even more entertaining for your canine companion. Designed for light play or as the star of funny photo sessions, Bo adds a touch of humor to your dog's toy collection. This toy is especially perfect for fans of the show Disjointed, as it captures the lighthearted spirit of the series.

Your pup will love joining you for a playful 420, and with Bo in tow, the fun never stops. Capture memorable moments of your dog with his bong, creating lasting memories that showcase the whimsical side of your furry friend.

Get ready for laughs, smiles, and tail-wagging delight as your dog bonds with Bo, the 420 Dog Toy Bong. It's more than just a toy; it's a conversation starter, a source of amusement, and a reminder to enjoy the lighter side of life with your canine companion. Ya gotta get one, mon – Bo is here to add a splash of fun to your dog's playtime!