The Bud the Weed Nug 420 Dog Toy


Bud is back! Bud the Weed Nug, our most popular toy, is back in stock.

Meet Bud! He is a cute little guy about 6" tall and 4" wide. He has a built-in squeaker and is great for light play. Better yet, for Instagram pics and videos of your pet with his own "bud". Your dog will love joining you for 4:20! Bud's back is blank and looks like a big weed nug. Bud's body is made of super soft fleece that your dog will love cuddling with. Your dog will quickly become "Best Buds" with Bud the Weed Nug. He is too cute not to love ❤. Bud even looks super cute in your car window!

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