Mimi Green Waterproof Soft Grip Dog Collar: The Ultimate Stain-Resistant and Stink-Proof Solution

$30.00 USD
Type: Dog Collar
Color - Gris (Grey) / Brass Double Sided / 3/4"W 14-17"L

Introducing the Mimi Green Waterproof Soft Grip Dog Collar, a game-changer for dog owners who demand quality, durability, and a little extra kindness to the planet. This collar is the ultimate choice for hunting dogs, sporting dogs, swimmers, and any activity that could leave a collar dirty or stinky.

🌿 Stain-Resistant, Stink-Proof, and Vegan Friendly 🐾 Say goodbye to the lingering odors and unsightly stains on your dog's collar. Our waterproof grip dog collars are designed to stay stink-proof and stain-resistant, ensuring a fresh, clean look even after the messiest adventures. Plus, they are entirely vegetarian/vegan-friendly, aligning with your values.

💧 Built for the Elements 🌦️ Made with PVC-coated polyester Biothane webbing, this dog collar is your trusty companion in all weather conditions. It's not just waterproof; it's also weather-resistant, making it a top choice for dogs who love the outdoors.

🧼 Easy to Clean for Hassle-Free Maintenance 🚿 Wipe away the day's adventures with a simple cleaning. Our waterproof dog collar is easily maintained with soap and water, ensuring that it's ready for the next exciting escapade.

🔐 Solid Hardware for Extra Durability and Style 🏆 The collar's solid brass or stainless steel hardware adds not only an extra layer of durability but also a touch of elegance. These materials ensure that your collar is as strong as it is sleek.

🌱 Vegan-Friendly Choice: High Desert Waterproof Vegan Leather Belt Buckle Dog Collar 🌍 The Mimi Green Waterproof Soft Grip Dog Collar is the epitome of cruelty-free design. It's the perfect choice for pet owners who seek products that align with their values, all while delivering uncompromising quality.

Make your dog's adventures cleaner, fresher, and more stylish with the Mimi Green Waterproof Soft Grip Dog Collar. Order now and experience a new level of stain resistance, stink-proof performance, and eco-conscious choice for your furry friend. 🐕💧🌟