The Jay Joint Dog Toy

$14.99 USD
by PAW:20
Type: Dog Toys

Introducing Jay, the high-spirited canine companion that's bound to elevate your playtime! Standing at approximately 7 inches tall, Jay is not your average dog toy – he's a canvas character with a built-in squeaker, ready to add a touch of humor to your furry friend's day.

Designed for lighthearted play or even as a quirky photo prop, Jay is a happy joint, making him an ideal companion for 4:20 moments. With a blank canvas back that resembles a big, lit joint, Jay is not just a toy; he's a source of endless entertainment and laughter.

Your pup will delight in the playful squeaks that Jay emits during interactive sessions, ensuring hours of joy-filled bonding. But that's not all – Jay isn't just for your furry friend. Capture hilarious moments and create memories with Jay as the star in your funny Instagram pics and videos. Adults will love joining the fun, posing solo or alongside their four-legged friends for the perfect, shareable moments.

Looking for a unique gift for your stoner friends and their dogs? Jay is the answer! This one-of-a-kind dog toy brings a smile to both pups and their human companions, fostering a sense of camaraderie and shared laughter. So, whether you're looking to spice up playtime or create unforgettable memories, Jay is here to make every moment a little more amusing. Get ready for a paw-sitively elevated experience with Jay – the joyous joint that's always up for a good time!