The Kolossus K9 Sport Sack Backpack

$299.95 USD
Color - Black

Introducing the Kolossus K9 Sport Sack Backpack - the ultimate solution for backpacking, carrying, and hiking with your large dog. This redesigned backpack carrier, known as the Rover 2, is specifically tailored to meet the needs of big dogs, making it the go-to choice for pet owners seeking both functionality and convenience.

Available in sizes L-XXL, the Rover 2 is ideal for carrying medium to large dogs. With its advanced technology, this backpack prioritizes the safety and comfort of pets and humans. The adjustable shoulder and torso sizing ensures a perfect fit for all body types, enabling you to withstand the weight and embark on exciting adventures with your furry companion.

When you're not carrying your four-legged friend, the Rover 2 easily converts into a spacious gear carrier with up to 60 liters capacity. Whether you're going on strenuous hikes, bike rides, or even public transit, this backpack has you covered. It provides the versatility you need for your outdoor activities.

With an impressive weight limit of 80 lbs (36 kg) and a generous capacity of 50-60 liters, the Rover 2 is specifically designed to transport and protect your pet on even the longest and most challenging treks. The adjustable shoulder straps and torso sizing ensure a comfortable fit, regardless of your body type and build, without compromising your safety.

Experience the Kolossus K9 Sport Sack Backpack and redefine how you explore with your large dog. Its innovative design, construction, and functionality make it the ultimate choice for backpacking, carrying, and hiking adventures. Order now and enjoy the freedom to embark on thrilling outdoor experiences with your beloved furry companion!

It has an 80 lb (36 kg) weight limit of 50-60 liter capacity.

Completely redesigned in appearance, construction, and functionality, the Rover 2 is THE big dog backpack carrier that now doubles as a backpacking pack.

It is ideal for carrying medium to large dogs and is available in sizes L-XXL. Rover 2 technology is top of the line in pet/human safety and comfort. Adjustable shoulder/torso sizing makes this backpack more suitable than ever for all body types (as long as you can withstand the weight).

When not carrying your 4-legged friend, the backpack easily converts to carrying your gear with up to 60 liters of space. Use this backpack for strenuous hikes, bike rides, and public transit.



Use this to clip to your dog's collar, securing your pet inside your backpack carrier. It will prevent your pup from climbing out.


Buckling and tightening this around your dog's neck will ensure it doesn't force itself up and out of the bag and helps prevent leaning. Be sure to tighten this enough.


These two straps are found on the upper sides of all K9 Sport Sack carriers. They help tighten the material around your dog, keeping he/she close to your shoulders and preventing your pet from leaning backward.


Once the main zipper is zipped, it will lock in place so that no weight or pressure will force it back open.


The main loop on the zipper functions as a safety precaution mechanism to ensure your zipper remains zipped while your pet is in the carrier. Simply thread the collar enclosure buckle through the loop once zipped.


Your pet's temperature must be regulated while in a carrier. The mesh side panels allow for airflow to keep your dog comfortable.