The LickiMat SloDog - No Gulp Slow Feeder

$16.98 USD
Color - Black

SloDog is the most advanced no-gulp slow feeder available. Rather than utilizing obstacles or a maze-like configuration to impede food acquisition, the SloDog dish provides an expansive surface area to allow consumption without the frustration associated with slow feeders. Its unique design of shallow mini-meal pockets with dimples prevents the dog from grabbing multiple pieces at once, thus facilitating an easy and stress-free slow-feeding experience.

SloDog is logical and elegantly simple.  It was vet-design for a relaxed and stress-free feeding time.  Our testing has shown that SloDog can slow the dog's feeding from a few seconds to many minutes.


SLOWER HEALTHIER FEEDING: SloDog Feeder encourages slower eating, which reduces bloating and improves digestion.

REDUCES GULPING AT FEEDING TIME: SloDog's unique plate design slows the feeding rate and reduces gulping behavior by enabling your dog to see and access food easily, with no annoying lumps or obstructions like other slow feeders.

DRY, WET, RAW, AND LIQUID FOODS AND TREATS: SloDog is designed for your pet’s favorite dog food, cat food, and healthy treats. The SloDog holds up to 2 cups of dry dog food.

RECOMMENDED FOR BOTH DOGS & CATS: SloDog Slow Feeders are the perfect feeding solution for dogs and cats and make a great gift for every pet parent.