The Playful Pooch

The Smart Pet Comb Brush


Safe & Comfortable Brush

Our pet brush needle with massage particles, Which will not scratch your pet's skin and have a comfort grooming experience. Ours are easy to clean when finish brushing!

But some brushes are sharp steel bristles and loosing fur always stuck in the head make it hard to clean.

Pets Love This Brush

Your pet will enjoy a grooming and massage experience without shedding away. It increase blood circulation, and the fur will be shiny and soft.
Good grip handle with ergonomic design that is comfortable for hand.Slicker brush is good grip for handle, prevents hand and wrist strain.

How To Groom or Brush?

Along the hair growth direction, brush fur from neck to shoulder, chest, waist, abdomen, back, and to head, the last brush legs and tail. After done one side then change to other side

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