The Surf 'n Turf Life Vest-size Medium

$69.99 USD
Type: Life Jacket

Before you soak up the sun and make a splash at the beach or lake, make sure you've got the ultimate safety essential packed – the Surf 'n Turf Life Vest. Even if your furry friend is a water-loving superstar like Michael Phelps, keeping them safe is a priority. This life vest is the perfect companion to ensure their aquatic escapades are as secure and enjoyable as possible.

🌊 Unleash Extended Fun: Allow your pup to channel their inner Michael Phelps while keeping safety at the forefront. The Surf 'n Turf Life Vest is designed to help your dog conserve energy during swims, granting them the freedom to stay in the water for longer periods. Enjoy peace of mind as your canine companion paddles, plays, and splashes away.

🏊 Streamlined Comfort: Our life vest's cutting-edge design features a streamlined flotation layer that's both comfortable and efficient. Regardless of how active your dog gets, the vest's buoyancy is tailored to their movements, ensuring they stay comfortably afloat. With the added neoprene liner, every swim feels like a cozy adventure.

⚓ Secure Leash Attachment: Don't let your pup's excitement get the best of them. The Surf 'n Turf Life Vest is equipped with two dependable metal D-rings for leash attachment. Plus, there's a bonus – one of the D-rings doubles as a bottle opener, ensuring refreshment is always at paw's reach.

🚤 A Helping Hand in Every Situation: Whether your furry friend needs a lift out of the water or a guiding hand in tricky situations, the two transverse handles on the life vest have you covered. With the Surf 'n Turf, you're always prepared to assist, be it in the water or on dry land.

🌈 Safety Meets Style: The vibrant high-contrast color and reflective accents not only enhance visibility but also make a statement. Your pup can swim with style while staying safe, even when the sun starts to set.

🎈 Designed for the Active Pup: The Surf 'n Turf Life Vest boasts an athletic cut and styling, ensuring a snug fit for dogs of all sizes. With three adjustable points featuring Nifco quick-release buckles, along with adjustable chest and belly straps, comfort and security are non-negotiable.

🧼 Effortless Cleanup: After your day of sun-soaked adventures, keeping the life vest fresh is a breeze. Simply follow our easy spot-cleaning instructions to maintain its pristine condition.

Ensure your dog's beach or lake day is a tidal wave of fun and safety. Pack the Surf 'n Turf Life Vest – where security, comfort, and style converge for the ultimate aquatic experience. Order now to let your pup make a splash while you relish every moment, worry-free. After all, memories are made when safety comes first!

Size Medium