Turkey T-Rex Dog Toy - A Fun and Festive Friend for Your Pup

$13.99 USD

Get your furry friend into the holiday spirit with our Turkey T-Rex Dog Toy, a quirky and clever twist on the classic T-Rex toy. This time, our dino friend is dressed up as a Thanksgiving turkey, neck to toe, with a tail that pops out for play. This plush toy is approximately 13" in height, 12" in length from snout to tail, and about 8" in width. It's made from polyester fiber fabric and features fluffy stuffing, plus a hidden squeaker for added entertainment.

Key Features:

🦃 Turkey Transformation: This fun toy transforms the iconic T-Rex into a festive Thanksgiving turkey, making it a perfect companion for the holiday season.

🐶 Paw-some Playmate: Your pup will love playing with this quirky and adorable toy, and the hidden squeaker adds extra excitement to playtime.

📏 Generous Size: With its substantial size, it's perfect for dogs of various breeds and sizes, providing hours of fun.

🌟 Quality Materials: Made from durable polyester fiber fabric and filled with fluffy stuffing, this toy is designed to withstand your dog's play.

Make your dog's playtime memorable with the Turkey T-Rex Dog Toy. It's more than just a toy; it's a festive and entertaining friend that will have your pup gobbling with joy. Order this fun and quirky toy today and let the holiday celebrations begin!