A Stress Relief Haven for Your Pet- Cozy Bed

$101.75 USD
Type: Pet Bed
Color - Charcoal

Did you know that a staggering 1 in 4 pets experience separation anxiety when left alone, resulting in stress build-up that can lead to destructive behaviors, appetite issues, and even a reduced lifespan? The solution to these common pet problems is our Stress Relief Cozy Paw Bed!

Customer-Approved: We're proud to share that a whopping 94% of our customers reported a significant reduction in stress and anxiety for their beloved pets. In fact, 39% of them couldn't help but reach out to express how much their pets absolutely 'love' it!

Promoting Quality Sleep: Quality sleep is crucial for your pet's health. Dogs spend most of their restful hours napping, and providing them with a comfortable and calming sleep environment is paramount. Our Cozy Paw Bed supports their daily sleep schedule, ensuring better rest, improved mood, and a happier, healthier, and calmer pet.

Extra Comfort: Ideal for pets that love to curl up, the raised rim offers essential head and neck support, while the super-soft filling provides relief from joint and muscle pain, leaving your pet utterly relaxed.

Eases Anxiety: The raised rim imparts a sense of security and cosiness, while the cozy faux fur mimics the ultra-comfort of a mother's fur coat. Scientifically proven to ease anxiety and initiate the nervous system's calming response, it promotes relaxation.

Improved Behavior & Health: Reduced stress and anxiety lead to improved behavior and better overall health, benefiting both your pet's experience and your journey as a pet owner.

Easy Pet Hair Cleanup: Your pet's naptime shedding becomes a breeze to clean up with the concentrated hair in one area.

Ultra-Soft Hypoallergenic Fabric: Crafted from ultra-soft vegan fur, this material is thoughtfully designed to avoid allergic reactions and irritation. Its long-lasting, soft, and machine-washable fibers offer lasting comfort.

Easy Maintenance: The removable cover is 100% safe for machine washing, making cleanup a breeze.

Modern Style: Not only does our Cozy Paw Bed provide comfort for your pet, but its stylish paw shape also adds a touch of warmth and charm to your home decor. It's not just a pet bed; it's a design piece created with your pet in mind.

- 80 cm is approximately 31.5 inches.
- 90 cm is approximately 35.43 inches.
- 55 cm is approximately 21.65 inches.
- 65 cm is approximately 25.59 inches.