C'est La Vie Harness - Elegance in Every Step with Fund Parisian Print size Medium

$80.00 USD
Type: Dog Harness

Introducing the C'est La Vie Harness, a symbol of Parisian charm and timeless elegance for your beloved pet. This harness showcases the Fund Parisian Print on high-quality vegan leather, combining style and comfort seamlessly.

Key Features:

🗼 Parisian Elegance: The Fund Parisian Print exudes the charm and sophistication of Paris, adding a touch of romance to your pet's attire.

🌱 Vegan Leather: Crafted with cruelty-free vegan leather, this harness not only prioritizes your pet's comfort but also aligns with your values.

🛡️ Padded for Comfort: The padded straps, breastplate, and backplate ensure that your pet enjoys the utmost comfort during every outing.

🔒 Easy to Use: Adjust the strap once to achieve the perfect fit, and the snap closure ensures that your pet is ready for a stylish adventure in no time.

👑 Custom Duke and Duchess Hardware: This harness is adorned with custom Duke and Duchess hardware, including the signature Fleur De Lis, adding a regal touch to your pet's fashion.

Allow your pet to embrace the allure of Paris with our C'est La Vie Harness. It's more than just a harness; it's a work of art and a statement of sophistication. Make your pet's daily walks a showcase of elegance - order this exquisite harness today!