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The Dog Churpi 100% Natural Chew

Dog Churpi Chew is handmade with premium yak and cow milk straight from the Himalayas and is the perfect chew choice for any dog breed. It is a safe alternative formulated with 100% natural grass-fed yak & cows and is free of any artificial additives and preservatives. Enriched with protein, calcium, and low on fat and sugar, the yak chew will satisfy a dog's natural cravings whilst keeping its weight in check. This chew has exceptional resistance and is perfect for dogs that love a challenge. • Handmade from Yak, Cow milk mixed with lime juice & salt. • Made from 100% natural, grass-fed Yak & Cow milk. • Helps to remove tartar from dog's teeth. • Hard, durable & non-staining chews. • Non-splintering dental treat chews. • Enriching calcium, & phosphorus. • Long-lasting dog treat chews. • Free from artificial flavors. • Grain-Free & Gluten-free. • No steroids/hormones. • Promotes dental health. Ingredients Yak milk, Cow milk from local farm combined with lime juice and salt

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